My first book, a memoir, titled 

“There Comes a Light: A Memoir of Mental Illness“.



“‘There Comes a Light’ is a poignant, often raw journey into how life can be both vibrant and devastating when living with bipolar disorder. Elaina Martin’s sometimes colorful, sometimes heart-breaking real-life stories weave an intricate portrait of thoughts and fears that provide a rare glimpse of the terrific challenges facing those who live with mental illness daily. Her experiences in various inpatient psychiatric hospitals alone is worth the read. If you want to begin to better understand what it’s like to live with bipolar disorder, ‘There Comes a Light’ is an excellent primer that provides an engaging set of tales well-told.”
John M. Grohol, Psy.D.
Founder, Psych

“Elaina Martin paints a raw and candid picture of her life plagued by abuse, mental illness, and strife. Her realization of the power to live leaves the reader with courage and hope.”
Muffy Walker; Founder International Bipolar Foundation

“This book is brimming with great writing and inspiration, hope, and healing for people living with bipolar and anyone looking to overcome an obstacle in their life.”
Joshua Rivedal, mental health advocate, CEO The i’Mpossible Project

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